Win with Grasshoppers this Heritage Month!

29 Sep 2016
In: News

We have awesome news from Grasshoppers country, where a home-grown brand in its own small way contributed towards many of our memories and our lives.

Most of us grew up with Grasshoppers featuring somewhere. Sometimes on the feet of Dad coming home from work with a hint of his cologne wafting in the door with him. Maybe they were our first pair of shoes fitted for school. Perhaps even the latest funky styles calling to us from the shop windows, and comfortably settling on our feet like a glove before we embark on the journey of the day (or night).

As they say, we’ve come a long way, baby, and that’s a fact. The first pair of Grasshoppers was manufactured in 1966, and by 1991 the factory had already sent 6 million pairs into the world of shoe-lovers. The year 2000 saw a milestone of 8 million pairs, and a short 6 years later, a cool 10 million pairs of Grasshoppers had been manufactured. The new century saw loads of fantastic new ideas, such as the introduction of the Grasshoppers Kids range in 2008 and the Lifestyle range in 2011, followed by the Fashion range in 2012. This was also the year that our 15 million milestone was reached – 2012 in many ways was a great year. Last year we expanded the love of Grasshoppers and started exporting to Australia, having reached the 18 million mark.

Fifty years of handcrafted quality… We are proud to still be around. We are proud to be a truly South African brand, and we are proud to be embedded in our communities, providing not just employment, but opportunities to grow with us and contribute towards the Grasshoppers culture.

We are celebrating this fantastic milestone and birthday by giving back – shoes to the value of R250 000 will be given away to the current generation who has fallen in love with Grasshoppers all over again. We are partnering with AWSUM newspapers, where we will release more information as well as entry forms, and of course our own social media platforms will also feature entry forms as well as updates on the competition. A school can either nominate themselves or another school, motivate why they should win this prize, and a panel of judges will make the final choice. Our brand ambassaders, Jarrel Mathebula and Arasoul Sax, will be on hand with the celebrations!

For more about our extensive range of shoes please visit our website:, and join the buzz on Facebook and Instagram: GrasshoppersSA. To enter online right away, click here: