Grasshoppers, Quality for everyday people

03 Aug 2015
In: News

Grasshoppers, Quality for everyday people.

Over the years Grasshoppers has received many great reviews from magazines, newspapers, blogs, and Brand ambassadors. As we continue to manufacture shoes with a high standard of comfort and quality our fan mail increases. We receive testimonies from our happy customers via Facebook, email and even the occasional snail mail, and we attentively reply to every fan individually.

Every so often we receive a beautiful detailed testimony that a customer allow us to publish as part of our ongoing interaction with our fans on various social media platforms. Recently we received an e-mail from Ian Goddard, a loyal Grasshoppers client who felt the need to share his testimony regarding the longevity of his pair of Grasshopper shoes.

He sent us these two pictures, taken on the 26th of July 2015, of his pair of grasshoppers which he bought circa 2001 in his home town, Port Elizabeth. Ian adds, “Some 13 years on, they are still in good condition and in daily use.”

In the letter he also asked us to point him in the right direction for his next purchase, and we kindly gave him the details of our Sales Representative in the Eastern Cape.

Thank you Ian Goddard that you took the time to share this incredible testimony with us, we appreciate your commitment.