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MYgrasshoppers are the most comfortable shoes every made

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Welcome to the home of the most comfortable shoes ever made, Grasshoppers.

As a registered trademark of Watson Shoes, you are guaranteed of a traditional construction using only the finest genuine leather and our commitment to a quality product. Grasshoppers’ modern designed shoes offer superior comfort you can rely on and differ only in individual style and colour. As a mark of authenticity, the forepart is attached by a single row of stitching, not bonded as with a conventional shoe. For comfort, there is no inner sole in the basic design, just the simple leather envelope constructed in the way the Red Indians did over 400 years ago. The original Moccasin was comfortable and durable, and at Watson Shoes, this tradition is maintained with one of footwear’s oldest and most classic designs. During this summer season we offer exciting new ranges with various colours and styles to keep up with the latest fashion trends in South Africa.

Whatever your style there is a Grasshoppers shoe that will make you smile.